Many foreigners are not familiar with the term “Vietnamese brides,” while others have a wrong idea of what this term means.

A Vietnam girl for marriage is a dream pursued by many men from not only Asian countries, but also other continents. The popularity of Viet dating among Western men has also skyrocketed in recent years, but why?

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), an estimated 133,000 hot Vietnamese girls married foreigners between 2005 and 2010. Given that online dating sites have become a massive trend since 2010, it’d be reasonable to say that the number of Vietnamese women marrying a foreign man doubled or tripled over the past years.

In fact, tourists began to actively explore Vietnam, its culture, and its people since 2010. Vietnam has about 50 million women, of which over 68% are below the age of 60. Clearly, Vietnam has no shortage of exceptional beauties, which is great news for foreign men seeking a Vietnamese girlfriend.

Vietnam, like most other countries in Asia, has opposed the influence of westernization, which is one of the reasons why Western men are so attracted to Vietnamese girls. In Vietnam, women cherish marriage, family values, and loyalty, the qualities that a large percentage of modern Western women seem to lack.

Since thousands of single Vietnamese women get married to foreigners each year, these ladies have got a name, “Vietnamese mail order brides”. However, the reasons why Vietnamese girls choose to get married to foreign men are more complicated than people tend to think.

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